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Welcome to DermaDate

Welcome to

This site is designed for sufferers of all skin conditions, to help find new friends and relationships that they might not normally come accross in their everyday life.

If you do not have a skin condition, or have very close contact with someone who has, then you cannot begin to imagine the devestating effects that these conditions can have on the sufferer.

We would also hope that the site is able to attract members who do not have a skin condition to join the site, and can promise that you will meet many beautiful and wonderful people if you are able to look beyond the skin without any prejudice.

There will be ongoing work on the site in the next few months. By the end of the summer we hope to have DermaDate available in 12 different languages.

Once again, welcome to DermaDate




  • Posted 1 years ago
Good site


  • Posted 7 years ago
I have joined this site today and am hoping to make friends here. I have vitiligo but unfortunately it was not mentioned in the list given. I think most people do not know about this condition. It will be great if people can read about it to understand want vitiligo is. Also I am still waiting to be upgraded. How long does it take?